Presidential Elections Must be About Principles — not Personality

Lincoln Douglas debates

Lincoln Douglas debates — Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.

By Alan Eason — July 18, 2015

“… A nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition…”  (Gettysburg Address. Abraham Lincoln, 1863)

With everything that is going on in our country right now, it is absolutely critical for us to get back to a vigorous discussion of the real issues. It is urgent. Life and death.

We have a big problem though. Our media is hung up on personalities. So are we all. We are tacked to the surface like water spiders. We are so hung up on it that it detracts from the discussion of the much more important, deeper issues that threaten to destroy us. Many people no longer know how to discuss — or begin to discern — the real issues. I’ll jog your memory:
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Bart Stupak Accuses Obama Administration of Double Cross on ACA

USA Today op-ed title: Contraception mandate doublecross: Column

USA Today op-ed by Bart Stupak

This op-ed by Bart Stupak is amazing. In case you don’t remember, he was the leader of the “Blue Dog” Democratic pro-life group in the House of Representatives in 2009-2010 which held out against the Affordable Care Act. They kept it from passing for a while. They finally gave in and voted for the act based upon promises from the Obama administration that abortion would not be covered in the law and that no one would be forced to pay for abortion coverage. President Obama promised them that he would do an ‘executive order” to that effect.

—– Fast forward to today. The Supreme Court is now hearing the case of ‘Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.’ It is a case in which the government is trying to force Hobby Lobby to buy abortion-inducing drugs for their employees through the HHS mandate. Hobby Lobby states that they cannot do this in their Christian conscience because they believe abortion is murder. They state that they will first shut down all their stores and let their employees go if it comes to that.

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Das ist Politik – on the Decline of America

Posted by Alan Eason

Der Spiegel (German Magazine) cover - November 5, 2012I have been thinking about doing this post for some time, before I even saw this from “Der Spiegel” and before the election. The article is – “The American Patient.” The subtitle is more telling: “The Decline of a Great Nation.”

I spent about nine years of my life living in Germany and Austria, when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s. In talking to many friends and observing a good number of elections in both countries, I was often struck by one thing. Many – even most – people there were disengaged from the political process.

If you asked them about any issue, you would often hear: “Na ja….Das ist Politik!.” It didn’t mean just “That’s politics” like we say in the US. It meant more like: “That’s politics, not my world.” Most of the people I knew there left politics up to the politicians. They let them do all the debating, and really stayed out of it. Yes, they would vote for a representative in parliament – really for a particular party – and that was about it. The MP’s (members of parliament)  did all the rest – the debating, collaborating and coalition-forming. So it was always strange to them to hear about how Americans would get so passionately involved with our political process.

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